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Writing an album as a form of musical "magnum opus."

Such task would require a lot of things: time, patience and passion towards the piece of solid, mature work one is creating. From the technical side, one must have a developed signature that can be recognised from a single listen in any form or genre. Signature sound, which a lot of musicians do lack, unfortunately, stems from a lot of different places / inspirations and grows into different musical practices: music theory, sound design, arrangement, "mind audition" or "inner ear", as well as one's own style of playing an instrument, improvisation and/or composition.

Meet Gianluca, also known as Maynix, who have succeeded in creating his first "magnum opus" and manifested all of these practices into one entity that is this soulful, special experience, and, we know he is not going to stop there. By giving album the name "Trumours", Gianluca sets the premise of showcasing the complex relationships between things, that people usually oversimplify with their biases and beliefs. In this case, the relationship between an artist and his creation, which an artist in question wants to polish to an unreachable perfection, in addition to that, leave small details for people to find. Somewhere in this relationship, the audience and the people that surround the musician play a key role as well, by not only giving recommendations and feedback, but also exchanging important experiences and knowledge with an artist. The relationships form; an endless stream / feedback of information is built, thus allowing one to grow even further and beyond in all kinds of directions.

About the structure of the album, most of the tracks are put in pairs that form small episodes: Intro/Trumours, opening up the album and spotlighting the main theme of it, Inspecting The Gray/My Mind Is Shocked, which form a story of experimentation and inspiration: inspecting something unknown, only to be shocked by discovery of something useful, Sea/Drom (The Overtone Land), which sets the picture of drowning in a sea, only to be washed ashore somewhere far away, onto the shores of the land of beautiful, simple tones, and, finally, Next To/The Sandless Village, that leads us to our destination, the finale of this journey: the sorrowful "Sandless Village" and the beautiful lands around it.

We give you "Trumours", the special release we are incredibly proud of, and, we are proud to welcome Maynix as one of our label residents. And we would like to thank you, the listeners, for staying with us so far, it's only up from here.

And, as we already settled on a tradition... as always, thank you for staying with us on our endless journey.


released June 28, 2019


all rights reserved



Open Outlets Bristol, UK

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